Finger prints

U-Prox access control and management systems have the ability to use a fingerprint as an identifier.

Additional security

The high degree of identification

Own database storage

Instant reaction

Fingerprint biometrics are suitable for the use of such ACS scenarios:

It is suitable for large companies with a large staff to speed up the identification process and avoid queues at the entrance.

It is suitable for companies that keep up with the times and introduce new technologies to optimize work performance.

It is suitable for educational institutions and similar organizations, where high traffic and buy pass cards for all users is irrational.

Advantages of fingerprint identification:

  • The ID cannot be forgotten.
  • The ID cannot be forged.
  • Employees will not be able to stand out for a colleague who is late.
  • The identification process is fast and accurate.

U-Prox Web is integrated with ZKTeco and Anviz


ZKTeco Co., Ltd – a world-renowned company, developer of biometric verification methods.


Anviz is a world leader in biometric identification technologies.