Second edition readers

Second edition (SE) of SmartLine versatile readers in conjunction with the U-Prox Mobile ID application and U-Prox IDs will allow any access control system to use smartphones as access system credentials

Reader operates with 125 kHz cards, Mifare, Mifare Plus (SL1, SL3) and mobile credentials U-Prox ID over NFC and over 2.4 GHz radio.

Features of U-Prox SE readers:
• OSDP (up to 1200 m), Wiegand (up to 100 m), TouchMemory (up to 30 m), RS232 interfaces
• More powerful, modern Mifare chip
• ID code length up to 80 bits (Wiegand 80)
• Secure OSDP (SIA standard)
• Secure connection of readers to the access control panel with AES-128 encryption
• Reader configuration from ACS and mobile application
• Remote configuration of encryption parameters for Mifare® and Mifare® Plus ™ cards
• Connection of a large number of readers via the RS-485 bus to a 4-wire bus. Bus length up to 1200m
• Support for all identifiers, including U-Prox Tag and bank cards in one firmware
• Improved work on metal surfaces

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