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PACS — Physical Access Control System —an access control and management system is a set of hardware and software control and management tools.

The main goal is to restrict and register the entry-exit of objects in a given area through “points of passage”: doors, gates, etc.

The main task is to control access to a given territory (who to let in, at what time and to what territory), including also:

  • restricting access to a given territory;
  • identification of a person who has access to a given territory.

Areas of application have a wide range of ACS:

  • company offices, business centers;
  • banks;
  • educational institutions (schools, technical schools, universities);
  • industrial enterprises;
  • protected areas;
  • parking lots;
  • places of passage of vehicles;
  • private houses,
  • residential complexes,
  • cottages;
  • hotels;
  • public institutions (sports complexes, museums, metro, etc.)

An identifier is the basic element of an access control system that stores a code. Each client is assigned a specific key (code), which serves to determine the owner’s rights – identification. A card, a key fob, a tag can perform the function of an identifier.

The controller is the “brain” of the system, which determines whether or not the owner of the identifier is allowed to enter the door. It has a built-in memory that stores identifier codes with a list of access rights for each of them. When a person presents (brings to the reader) an identifier, the code read from it is compared with the one stored in the database, on the basis of which a decision is made to open the door.

A reader is a device that reads the code (key) of the identifier and transmits it to the controller.

Open formats JSON and SOAP (XML) allow interaction between different applications, exchange data with access control systems and create applications that complement and extend the standard functionality of the U-Prox Web system.

API capabilities:

  • Secure data exchange over a computer network.
  • WEB service – the opportunity to interact with any platform and programming environment for SOAP and JSON protocol.
  • Implementation of the user interface using the API.
  • The ability to integrate with other systems and applications implemented by third-party developers.

U-Prox WEB provides a full range of solutions for quick installation, configuration and daily use of IP ACS by enterprises of any size, from a small office to a large company with many branches.

U-Prox Web has a full-featured web interface with fine-tuning of all ACS capabilities and provides the ability to monitor events, configure equipment, manage personnel access, and generate reports.

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