Access with temperature measurement

The integration of biometric devices with the ability to determine the temperature is extremely relevant in recent years.

Contactless biometrics

Face identification works at a distance, in a non-contact manner, and reduces the risk of transmission through physical contact.

Automatic control

Completely automatic process of access control to the object. The negative consequences of the human factor are excluded.

Temperature measurement

The terminal measures the temperature in a contactless manner. The process takes less than 1 second. The accuracy of determination is 0.3 ° C.

Terminal advantages

  • The person whose characteristics are being scanned does not experience any discomfort. One need only look at the screen.
  • As a rule, the speed of face recognition and temperature detection is less than a second.
  • Face recognition terminals do not require direct human contact with the device.
  • It minimizes the need for antiseptic treatment of the device after each measurement.

Currently, U-Prox Web is fully integrated with ZKTeco terminals

Anti-epidemic biometric solutions

  • Face and fingerprint recognition
  • Identification by palm pattern
  • Detecting masked faces
  • High-temperature detection function
  • Display 5 “TFT
  • 2MP camera (dual)
  • Recognition distance 0.3 – 3 m
  • Working temperature: -10 ° ~ + 45 ° C

How does take place the process of face identification and temperature determination?

The terminal consists of a video camera, a non-contact thermometer, and software.

A non-contact temperature sensor allows determining a person’s temperature at a distance of 0.3 – 3 m with an error of up to 0.3 ° C.

Processing is carried out in less than 1 second. If the temperature value exceeds the programmed threshold, access to the object will be denied.

The device can control the wearing of medical masks and, if they are not there, access is not provided.