U-Prox AD integration

The software “Module for working with LDAP services and Active Directory” is designed for the operation of access control systems with a WEB interface with directory services – software systems for centralized enterprise data management, such as Active Directory and compatible LDAP services.

The module performs synchronization between the ACS database and the directory service database (Active Directory), keeping the data on the enterprise structure (departments, sub-departments, etc.), employees and their access identifiers up to date.

The module also handles access events by unblocking (an event of entering the territory of the enterprise) or blocking (an event of leaving the territory of the enterprise) an employee’s access to computer resources. If an employee’s account is blocked by the administrator in Active Directory, the employee is not unblocked when he or she enters the territory.

Software capabilities:

Integration with Active Directory via LDAP protocol

Synchronization of the enterprise structure (departments, sub-departments)

Synchronization of employees and their identifiers (cards)

Synchronization of information fields (personnel number, position, etc.)

Blocking and unblocking access to workstations (computers)