U-Prox CLC G80

U-Prox CLC G80 is the second generation of the stand-alone control panels programmed with smartphone. Allows you to use smartphones as credentials with the U-Prox Mobile ID application and the U-Prox ID mobile identifiers.

Supports U-Prox SL and U-Prox SE series readers.


  • Access control panel for one door
  • Easy to install and mounting
  • U-Prox SmartLine reader series connection – U-Prox SE or U-Prox SL
  • Easy setup from mobile devices
  • Opening the door with a smartphone
  • Built-in touch request to exit button
  • Relay C NC NO
  • DC and RTE inputs
  • Alarm output OUT
  • Tamper – the opening case detector
  • Identifiers: 500