U-Prox IC A

Intelligent central control panel intended for management of global antipassback subsystem.

U-Prox IC A used to join isolated access points into virtual door groups. Intended for management of global antipassback.

Suppresses pass back of credentials, use of duplicate credentials and transfer of the credential to another person.

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How it works

  • Only double sided doors supported
  • Event notification is based on two address – the first ID is the ACS server, the second ID is the address of U-Prox IC A
  • Multilevel decision rule:
    • Check the general access rules.
    • Check is group in anti passback area?,
    • Request to U-Prox IC A and receive access confirmation or denial

Merging access zones

  • In case of loss of communication with the access control panels, forced entry, free pass, etc. U-Prox IC A merges access areas together , considering that personnel may be in either area.
  • After restoring the normal state of access or resuming communication with the control panels, all areas are unmerged
  • U-Prox IP400 panels can be configured with two variants of behavior in case of communication loss :
    • No one has permission to pass;
    • Pass all, according to the rules of the local antipassback