The integration of U-PROX and biometric terminals!

Each person is already clear that the situation with Covid-19 in the near future will not change. Statistics scare us every day, the ministry of health is providing new recommendations and solutions. Business in a pandemic is forced to respond and change quickly – for example, the transition to remote work.

However, this is only a partial solution. Many businesses can not operate. For the business to function, the employer needs to provide safe access to the workplace. It is necessary to control the temperature and wearing masks to employees and visitors –

The simple solution is to purchase handheld temperature scanners and oblige security or hire additional personnel to take the measurement, but the human factor remains.

Innovative solutions

The use of technical solutions for temperature control of employees and guests as part of an access control system has become relevant. In this case, in addition to temperature control, we will receive temperature statistics for each person and his route through the territory of the enterprise.

This will make it possible to quickly respond in case of infection of a certain person. Timely information will stop the spread of the disease and will not block the work of the entire enterprise.

Biometric identification terminals (face recognition) are very relevant and necessary solutions for monitoring the temperature of employees and guests. There are a great many of them. If you choose them, you should pay attention to the functionality when working as part of the system.

U-Prox and biometric terminals

Today, the U-Prox access control system is fully integrated with ZKTeko biometric terminals. U-Prox Web allows system administrators to maintain a single database of biometric templates from a web browser, add users by photo (from a file or web camera) or from the terminal itself, download biometric templates and receive access events.

How the terminals work

Models of terminals ZKTeko SpeedFace-V5L [TD] and ZKTeko SpeedFace-V5L [TI], in addition to cameras for face recognition, have non-contact temperature sensors: IR sensor and IR camera, respectively.

A non-contact temperature sensor allows determining a person’s temperature at a distance of 0.3 – 3 m with an error of up to 0.3 ° C.

The face recognition algorithms used in the terminals are quite intelligent and accurate. They can identify a face even with a mask and ignore deception – printed photos or photos on the phone screen.

Apart from temperature rise, ZKTeko devices can control the wearing of medical masks and, if they are not available, access will not be provided.


This solution applied at the entrance to the enterprise has the following advantages:

  • it will allow for accurate identification of the person, excluding the possibility of transferring the pass to another;
  • it will improve time tracking;
  • it will allow you to monitor the health status of workers, with the recording of the measured temperature and the fact of wearing a mask.

The use of ZKTeko terminals as part of the U-Prox WEB access control system automates the process of measuring and controlling temperatures as much as possible, raises the level of labor discipline and ensures a high level of facility security.